Mountain Pallay Punchu the new tourist destination in Cusco
pallay puncho

Pallay Punchu Mountain is the new tourist destination of the city of Cusco. Pallay Punchu or also known as Pallay Puncho, Cerro de los Colores with sharp points, Sharp Mountain of Colors or Pallay Poncho del Apu Taqllo Apacheta is a geological formation located 3 hours from the city of Cusco (194 Kilometers by car).

With this new discovery destination we would have 3 colored mountains in Cusco: Vinicunca mountain of 7 colors, the rainbow mountain of Palccoyo and the sharp colored mountain of Pallay Punchu.

pallay punchu

Mountain Pallay Punchu

The Pallay Punchu mountain is characterized by its beautiful colors, its sharp points and its easy access to get there. The Sharp Mountain of Colors or Pallay punchu is located in the Layo district approximately 3 hours from the city of Cusco.

• The name of Pallay Punchu Apu Tacllo comes from the multiple colors of the mountain that closely resembles the ponchos used in the Peruvian highlands, a garment very typical of Peru.

• The climate in the Pallay Punchu mountain is cold and winds in the morning, at noon you can see a drier and sunny climate.

• The best season to visit the Pallay Punchu mountain is from March to October where it has a dry climate without rain. In the month of November to February it is advisable to always wear a rain poncho and be warm.

• Remember that like all mountains it is very cold and if you have problems with altitude sickness it is advisable to always be a day earlier in Cusco acclimatizing yourself. It is also ideal to drink coca tea or a pill for soroche.

• To get to the sharp colored mountain of Pallay Punchu, a 3-4 hour walk is required depending on the physical condition of each person. It is always recommended to carry a wooden stick so that the climb is easier and is not very tiring.

Throughout the trip you will be able to observe beautiful landscapes and animals of the area. Also very close to the Paylla Punchu mountain you can see a beautiful lagoon, this makes this mountain look spectacular and is a very attractive destination.

pallay poncho

Pallay Punchu of the Apu T’acllo Tour

Important data

• The visit to the Pallay Punchu Mountain can be done through a travel agency in Cusco (Highly recommended), if you want to do it on your own, always go with a person who knows the place well, since you can suffer from altitude sickness and lack oxygen.

• Bring a jacket or warm clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, for the rainy season a water poncho, hike / treeking shoes and water.