What train to take to Machu Picchu
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Which train to take to Machu Picchu is the question of many travelers, and here we will give you the options of how to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco. Remember that the train only reaches Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu town) and towards the ruins of Machu Picchu you can only access walk or by bus.

The train companies are currently: Peru Rail and Inca Rail, both companies have daily departures from Cusco, Poroy and Ollantaytambo.

Train Stations

San Pedro Station: The San Pedro station is located in the city of Cusco, 5 minutes from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. If you want to have a train trip from Cusco to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Town) this is the best option, on the way you can enjoy beautiful landscapes of the sacred valley of the Incas. The train journey from Cusco to Aguas Calientes takes approximately 4 hours. This service is open from April to December, and from January to March it is closed for road maintenance. Recommended to be 30 minutes before boarding your train.

Poroy Station: The Poroy station is located 25 minutes from the city of Cusco and approximately 40 minutes from the Cusco Airport, the time is an approximate everything depends on the traffic of the city. Remember that it is always important to arrive 30 minutes early to board your train. Daily departures.

Ollantaytambo Station: The Ollantaytambo station is located 1 hour and a half from the city of Cusco and 2 hours from the Cusco Airport. Time is approximate since everything depends on city traffic. This train station is the most frequented by national and foreign tourists. Daily departures.

• Always be half an hour early to board the train.
• If you want the transfer service from Cusco to any train station, you can contact us directly.
• It carries little luggage, the train does not allow much luggage. If you want to carry luggage you must request it 48 hours in advance.
• At each train station there is always a luggage keeper.

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Train Companies and Train Type

Expedition Tourist Train: This Train has daily departures and costs from 110 USD to 140 USD round trip. The price varies according to the Expedition train schedule you choose. The train is Semi panoramic.

Vistadome Tourist Train: This train has daily departures and its price ranges from 160 USD to 200 USD round trip. It all depends on the Vistadome train schedule you choose.

Sacred Valley and Hiram Bingham Tourist Train: It is recommended to visit the PeruRail.com page to see prices and availability.

THE 360 °: Considered as the best scenic train in Peru, the Machu Picchu 360º train.

The Voyager Machu Picchu: It offers a mystical experience about an unforgettable trip.

The First Class Machu Picchu: It has a personalized service and a great Travel experience.

Check prices directly on IncaRail.com as it also offers bimodal service.

• If you already have your travel date, always visit the Peru Rail or Inca Rail website, they usually have promotions of up to 50% off.
• If you have problems with the purchase of your train tickets, contact us and we will help you quickly.
• If you want a tour to Machu Picchu and forget about all the purchases, we will organize your trip including all the transfer services, tickets and guidance.
• You have any questions or concerns, our online help channel can help you: WhatsApp + 51936286411

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